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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  February 16, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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we'll enclude them tomorrow night. tonight on huckabee. let's not have another 40 something votes to repole a laugh that -- law that is helping people. >> the oklahoma james lang ford has a way out. an american terrorist in pakistan and a target for a drone strike. >> when a u.s. citizen goes a baud to wage wor his citizenship should not be. >> where do we draw the lean? plus a pregnant mother struck by a drunk driver? >> shortly after i woke up.
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>> she is fighting for the rights of all unborn children. ♪ mauz mrauz ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you. thank you very much. delighted to so this great audience and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios. monday we honor all of the presidents. it is because george washington's birthday is february 23rdrd. he was the father of our country. he was a military gennious and washington established the structure of the modern presidency from the cabinet to the inaugural address. the most important thing is what george washington didn't do. some americans would have made washington a king.
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he refused royal things and titles like your highwayness. he was popular and could have been roweler for life. but he returned to private life after two terms. as i watched the current president in one power grab and he shreds the constitutional notion of separation of powers. i wonder ifow different his approach to the presidency is. the degree to which barak obama ignores laws and some he championed is nothing short of breathtaking. if the republicans propose a delay of obama care he rid cowls and reminds them he won the election. if immigration stalls he waves his dream act. and the fact that 34 states
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voted to uphold marriage as a relationship tone one man and one woman means nothing to president obama. in 2008. he declared his opposition of same- sex marriage because of christian views and the bible. now he never mentions his christian view of marriage or the boibl. nor does he explain he has knowledge of the rewrite of the boibl. he declares same- sex marriage is so good one wonders. the founders anyhow that leads corruption and arrogance and indifference. i suspect george washington would be impalled by the nature of the president so from the celebrity trappings and the power grabs by excutive order. it is not what washington stood for. it is been on the rise. and rocketed in hyper drive. and now i realize i am courting
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rid cowl by talking about the old dead guys who might disapprove. but i think the constitution they wrote works better than the reckless arrogance we have now. we ought to try to use the constitution again some time. so now children know the basic facts about the american system of government. a recent survey of aurz eighth graders found 23 percent anyhow that the house and september were two parts of congress. only a quarter anyhow that the first ten amendments are called the bill of rights and not many more knew that washington was our first president. and fewer than 30 percent anyhow that the supreme law of the land is the constitution. i will not hold that to the -- against the kid since the
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politicians don't know it either. i believe a culture who doesn't know the history is like an individual who lost his memory. it results in darkness and confusion. it would help to have a president to watch children's videos to find out the country we have got. i will send him some so he can watch them. (applause) u.s. military leaders and enteleigence officials are considering taking out the al-qaeda suspect in pakistan bia drone strike. the final decision on whether to go on with the strike is up to the president. where do we draw the line between protecting americans and making sure the fundmental rights of the american citizensine bad ones are protected. >> joining me is alberto gonzalez. mr. attorney general and judge, it is great to have you here and thank you for joining me here
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today. >> thank you, governor. good to be with you and your audience. >> let me first of all get to the heart of drone strikes. it is troubling to just take out a person on foreign soil, but should americans be worried that a president might order a drone strike on someone, an american citizen in america? on american soil? >> well, that is a very different hypothetical than what is going on currently and i hope we never get to the point where we use military to deal with threats through drone strikes in this country. listen to president obama's comment about the fact that a person being a citizen should not it be a shield. if he is waging war against the united states. the problem that we have it is the president alone to determine whether that person is waging
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war against the united states. is it an enemy combaitant. and to have that power resides solely with the executive, that is the danger. once there is appropriate determination that the enemy is a combatant. the president can take them out. but as an american citizen you are entitled to certain dew process rights. >> and is there an application where a person who said they are against the united states, even though they are an american citizen they don't give up the rights? >> no, you are allowed to critize the government and do certain things against the government. from my perspective, it is only if you become operational that you qualify as an enemy
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combatant. and waging war and providing support to others engaged in war against the united states. but again, that determination today resides in the executive branch. and if you are talking about the rights of american citizens, what i worry about is where the supreme court comes out on this. i would walk in the oval office and advoiced president bush if someone like a l- lak i was an enemy combaptant and i would be telling him based on my observation since the war on terror, i am not sure five votes agree that the executive branch has the sole authority to put an american citizen as an enemy combatant. >> what checks and balances should we have in place so the president just doesn't decide we ought to take thisuy gout. it scares the daylights. it doesn't matter barak bum pumor george bush or future
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president. that the white house can make a decision, this person deserves to be killed. what checks and balances should we put in place? >> we know from the obama administration that the process they use in desigating an american citizen is one that takes months. if they are spending time and making the decision, it seems to me that they would have time to put checks and balances. they could have an advocate to argue on the special of the american citizen. and congress can pass a law that provides guidelinesanmerican ci targeted for killing. and require they report these actions before and after consistent with national security. but again, there are things that congress can do and the president can do on his own in
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terms of establishing clear guide lines through executive order physician. and whatever can be done to provide a check on the executive is a benefit and would go to some degree in meeting the due process. >> thank you, judge, and thank you for being with us and offering that perspective today. >> thank you, governor. (applause) >> i appreciate the perspective. i think it is important that americans tack a hard and honest look. we want to protect ourselves against terrorism. and we also want to protect against a government that doesn't hold itself accountable and responsible to anybody and the thought that the government did target without due process scares the living day lights. i don't which party or president. no one individual should have the power to make
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a life-and-death decision until it is it adjudicated. and yes, the system and process is messy and cumbersome and frustrating, but god help us if we get to the place in this country where we don't continue to being what we were established to be. a nation of laws. and that is what is most important. >> coming up. oklahoma congressman james langford with his proposal on how to boat obama care. >> if you would to share your thoughts. i welcome your response. go to my website at and connect with me on facebook and follow my regular messages on
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>> republicans in congress made dozen unsuccessful attempts to repeat obama care and my next
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guest might have come up with a legal way to opt out. he introduced a bill that switches the power from decision of health care from the government to the states. it is called health care compact. congressman langford joining me now. it is it an innovative idea and i would like to hear about it. >> it is eight different states. it is typical for the great ideasment eight states asked the federal government to permission to come back and say, okay, we want to control our own health care and will allow us. this mother may i experiment comes out of article one that allows to make agreements. and there is 200 agreements that were made over the past 200 years between the states. most of of the time on water rights and this would be health
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care. we want to make all of the health care decisions in our state. it frees from them obama care and s- chip and federal dollars come to the state and the state will decide how best to attack care of their people. states that want to do it can. and others who like obama care can keep the obama care. >> i am sure a lot of states would love to follow that idea. you like your idea you can keep it and like your health care keep it or like obama care keep it. >> and not very many members of the american believe believing. that do the states have to get permission of congress and do both houses of congress have to give them a go ahead for the compact? >> the constitution itself was spectacular on how a compact is done. two or more states they make the agreement and pass it to
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congress and congress approves it and it is done. and so the key thing they make agreements. eight states. texas, oklahoma, utah. and down down and georgia and south carolina and alabama said give us that authority and we'll make those decisions and comes back to the simple thing. who is better about making discussions on the important things in your life? you and your family and local individuals or someone in washington. we believe the local leadership and families make the best decision and not the burr krats in washington d.c. >> that would be better than an obama exception that he is passing on to businesses as he sos fit. what is the likely hood. the house i can see it happening, but through the senate? >> it will not happen with harry reed. >> he would be excited about giving the states more
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flexibility? >> you know a different harry rei. >> i don't actually. i think it will have overwhelming support in the house. the states picked up the phone and ask if anyone in washington d.c. worrying the phone. we want to give the authority back to the states and now the co to communicate that to the american people and individuals to so it and for the supreme court, not the supreme court, they think they are the supreme court, but the senate to say this decision needs to be made. i come from a christian world view and biblicaliper spective. and daniel chapter one. they asked permission to eat vegetables and try a different way of doing this and so if it turns out better. i am trying that same principle and say allow the eight states to try it and see if it doesn't work better. >> the audience here likes it.
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suppose the september changes hands. we both realize in order for this to happen the senate would have to turn to a republican majority and put harry reid in the back of the room instead of controlling the cal epar. and does the president have to sign off on the compact for it to be respected. >> this is a dispute. there are federal dollars connected. most compacts are a legislative branch. medicare and medicaid and all obama dollars back to the state and said design your own system. we'll have to work that out. for me it is important to get it out early and say to states, we trust you to make the decision. they do medicaid and a lot of people don't know it. it is run by the states and health care authority in every state. this would give that state greater flexibility to take care of a larger group of people. and if anyone said the states can't do better than the federal
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government. i would point them to the medicare fraud and i would say let's let the state try. >> i especially like it because it is consistent with the 10th amendment. if it is not in the constitution, it should be left with the states and nothing in the constitution that said the federal government ought to decide our doctors and insurance companies. i think you are on to something and i hope more than the first eight join you and it becomes a national movement. >> thank you for the unsight. >> congressman james langford of oklahoma joining us today. >> the air voice for donald duck is a complete
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big controversy this week and talk all in it was donald duck. the man who provides the voice for a ra bic translation for donald duck was fired after an offensive tweet against israel. he has no problem with jews but not a fan of israel. i hate zionism. i have so much hate inside of me with every child they murder. he followed that up and said he was proud he was fired because of the earlier tweet. he claimed that israeli were pollush roughly 70 years old. and he wonders why he got fired? it is a wonder he is around. i think donald duck can do better. donald duck quacking would do
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better than. that good riddance. >> cording to supreme court clarence thomas race relations in america are worse than in the days of segregation. this is what he told college stuns in palm beach atlantic university. he said to my knowledge, i was the first black kid in savannah, georgia to go to a white school. rarely did race come up. now differences in race and sex. and someone doesn't look at you right and said something. everybody is sensitive. if i was sensitive as that in the '60s i would still be in savannah. i think we have come a long way in race relaegzs. i grew up in the south in the jim crowe days and never want to go back. god forgive us for the ways people treated other people in the early parts of american
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history. but let's acknowledge that there is process. and it doesn't help us to make everything about race even when it doesn't have going to do with race. that is moving back wards. >> joe biden is back. the vice-president addressed a conference of house democrats and as usual he had something to say he shouldn't have said it like this. >> it always surprises me when we don't have the degree of optimism we should about the state of the nation. and in spite of who's president. >> joe, did i get that right? what did you say? >> in spite of who's president. >> for once, joe, i agree with you. i oner if they monitored that in the white house and heard in spite of who's president. joe, let me break something to you. it was that guy, that president
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that appointed you twice to be vice-president. i am sure he's thinking that the country might be able to go on in spite of who's vice-president, too. >> but wait, wait. in the same speech biden made this claim. >> there isn't a republican party. i wish there were. i wish there was a republican party. i wish there was one person you could sit across the table from and make a deal and compromise and know when you got up from the table it was done. that's what political parties and what the president commits to. but all you have to do is look at the response of the state of the union. throw or four. i am not facious. we should get focused here. >> there are many different views in the within party and
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sometimes i admire the democrats to say one thing even if they don't mean. it i wish you would keep. it you pass a law and ignore it. and push something down the american people's throats like obama care and change it 29 times. i am not sure many opinions in the republican party or one opinion in the democrat party that is not considered to be worth a tufrpger's toot. that is my concern as well. >> when is an unborn child considered a person. coming up a mother whose unborn son culled in a drunk driving crash. she is fighting the to to
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november 2012. they argued over the loud muc. back to huckabee. >> my next guest was eight months pregnant and driving home from the last doctor check up. her car was struck by a drunk
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driver. she survived the crash but her unborn son did not. the drunk driver pled guilty to vehiclear assault but she said the babe was a victim of homicide. she is pushing for the brady amendment. it will be on the colorado ballot this coming november. i am glad to have healther here today. thank you for being here. i know it is a tough story to tell. i want to ask you what is it about the car accident and death and then the punishment continued? >> right. the hardest part for me i was in icu for throw days and when i woke up, my dad and mom and sister were in there crying. my dad doesn't cry. i knew something was wrong. i was what is going on when i
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talked to them. brady was killed in the accident and so then we would have the cops coming in and told me the charges he was facing and what about brady. colorado law said because he did not take a breath he was not considered a person. he was considered part of my injuries and not an additional charge for him. >> i think this is shocking to most people. they would assume if the unborn child was killed. he is eight months along. it was the last doctors check up but not considered a person. were you shocked by that? >> i wouldn't have known until this happen. i had no idea that is how the colorado law was. >> now, you are pushing for an amendment making it so that if you injure the unborn child you can be charged to the injury to
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the child and mother. >> the brady amendment is so important to me. there are other mothers in colorado and nation wide being. but knowing that when this amendment passes and i am pretty sure, i have faith that it will pass. when it passes, it will mean a world of difference to me. there will be two victims instead of just one like in my accident. >> who could be against this and opposed to recognizing your situation and situations like it? >> right. >> who is against it? >> the pro- abortion lobbyist are against us. >> this is not about abortion? it is whether you have respect you carry a child and take know it to the doctor and done all of the prenatal care and someone takes that child from you. if it was another day and out of
12:36 am
your womb. >> one hour in born for one hour it would be murder. because he department take a breath colorado law said it was not a person. he was not a person. >> and person that was the drunk driver he got charged only with assault to you? >> right. and to my mother and she was in the car with me and my five-year-old son. he got three charges instead of just the one. >> did he go to prison. >> he committed suicide perfect he got sentenced. >> it is a horrible story all the way through. i find it so important to help people know how many states, have something loc a brady amendment? >> there is 38 other states that have a similar law like the fetal homicide law. 38 other states. >> what is the prospect of this passing in colorado? >> it is pretty good.
12:37 am
i think there is a lot of people when we gathered signatures a lot of people had no idea it really does happen and we need to chaefrj it. and i think now people are aware and getting more and more people aware, we have a good chance to get it on the books this year. >> heather nothing will brady back but if it passes in colorado do you feel like it would honored his life. >> i think the journey from the beginning and from the accident and up until the ballot time, it is all my closure, just knowing that i am doing manage to help protect the voiceless and be a voice for brady and that's all i am set out to be a voice for brady and advocate for other pregnant woman in colorado that this could happen to. >> you are a brave and
12:38 am
artechulate spokeswoman for your son. we'll watch this and i am anxious to so how to turns out in colorado. thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. >> god bless you. in my home state of arkansas, we have a law similar to what heather is fighting for. the fetal protection law. we'll talk about@w@wowowpg÷÷og
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before the brake we heard from heather and she hopes her amendment will help her upborn son. there is a fetal prekdz act in arkansas. it was crucial in the case of a 23-year-old who was beaten and lost her daughter the very day before she was to be born. bill walker joins me from little rock. thank you for being here, senator. >> thank you, governor. good to so you again. >> i remember you were the deciding vote in the passage of the fetal protection act. laws like these are important. back in 1999, you made a courageous vote and took a stand. why did you think that was important then? >> it was important then as now. i should say governor, i would
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like to let heather know we are praying for her and her family and the loss of her unborn child. there is no excuse for it and in one way i would like to brag on your leadership in the state of arkansas, that we tock a courageous move and it was the right thing to do. it was not party affiliation. it was just the right thing to do to protect our children and i hope that colorado will follow that leadership and do what is necessary to make sure insdepts like this are dealt with and prosecutors have the appropriate tools that they need to pursue this. the issue that is really, really important and i hope that the colorado folks pay close attention to beyond the fact that was dwi, in many cases according to the lawyers not an
12:44 am
intentional crime but is as a result of a crime. we want to make sure colorado amendment covered that type of a crime as well. the worst thing that could happen is go through the amendment and another child hit by a drunk driver and that amendment not cover. it when i looked it, it had intentional harm. and that was not the case in dwi case from my understanding of it anyway. >> one of the things i so appreciated what you did. you took the stand, and frankly as you were called it was one of the things that bonded the relationship you and i continued to have. i respected your courage. you didn't do it because you were a democrat or nothing to do with politics, it was the personal experience that you felt was an important one and it was not long after this pace's case happen. i have to believe senator that
12:45 am
you felt an extraordinary sense of vindication and validation for the stand you took when that very law shortly thereafter was applied to thugs that killed that baby. >> and yes, sir, to that point, the biggest opposition from members of my own party, i will never forget the day the chair of the committee called me and said to me, listen, bill, you were right and i was wrong and i am glad you pushed for that. he himself evolved to so the merit of what we were doing and the reason for what we were doing and how it is so important to protect human life. it was a vindication and i hate something like that had to occur to be vindicate ed. it is important to protect your children. >> i want to say thank you for
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the political courage. and i consider you a very dear friend and thank you for being here today. >> thanks, governor. >> always a pleasure. one of the hottest young christian bands are here to perform their brand new hit. ♪
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♪ billboard magazine named their hit song where i belong. the latest album is called we will not be shaken and nominated for a agreement for best contemporary christian album in
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2013. great to have you here today... jason that is an odd name for a band. building 429 and sounds like something in a staulal park. where do you get park. where do you get the name? >> believe it or not, it comes from a scripture. my wife is the author of everything good and perfect in my life. that's what she says, anyway shechlt caanyway. she came up with the name. there is a scripture that says building is all you need, and it was verse 4:29, so we put it together. >> it's a tough environment to make it in the music business, anyway, with so much competition. what do you think is important to you as a band that you want to do in terms of your message and -- what keeps you going? >> i think it comes down to one
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word for us, and that's hope. quite literally, i think there is a lot of things in this world that cause people to lose hope. and for us we just feel like we have an opportunity with the platform we've been given to be kind of a voice of hope in the world and say, you know what? we believe in a higher power, and we also believe that, truthfully, if you're persistent and you work hard, and whatever you work hard for, you can have a successful life and you don't have to be so concerned with all the things around you. we persisted for 15 years to finally be where we are hanging out with you today. it's a pretty cool thing. >> this is a positive message we're going to play today. >> it is. it's a new song off our record. again, we just want to be a positive influence for people around the world. this is a song called "press on." >> i love the song, i love the album. let's do it. >> all right. ♪ ♪ sometimes this world starts breaking me down ♪
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♪ i get so lost i think i'll never be found ♪ ♪ and there are moments of fear and doubt ♪ ♪ even the best fall to the ground ♪ ♪ i am a mess, i am a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ i still don't give it all ♪ though i believe that all your words are true ♪ ♪ there is a place i'm going if i'm going with you ♪ ♪ i'll press on, i'll press on, i'll press on ♪ ♪ when i still don't get it, i see the world through my jaded eyes ♪ ♪ i get frustrated when there is no why ♪ ♪ i put my focus on words that stay ♪ ♪ when they fall down to their knees ♪ ♪ god only knows what we are
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near ♪ ♪ i am a mess, i am a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ i admit that i still don't get it all ♪ ♪ though i believe that all the words are true ♪ ♪ it doesn't matter where i'm going if i'm going with you ♪ ♪ i'll press on, i'll press on, i'll press on ♪ ♪ i still don't get it ♪ life goes on, life goes on ♪ but your love will prove all i need i'll find in you ♪ ♪ life goes on, life goes on, but your love will prove ♪ ♪ all i need, all i need, i'm going to find it in you ♪ ♪ i am a mess, i am a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ i must confess that i still don't get it all ♪ ♪ i believe that all your words are true ♪ ♪ it doesn't matter where i'm
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going if i'm going with you ♪ ♪ i'll press on, i'll press on, i'll press on ♪ ♪ i still don't get it ♪ i'll press on, i'll press on ♪ all i need, all i need, i'll find in you ♪ ♪ life goes on, but your love will prove ♪ ♪ all i need, all i need ♪ i still don't get it, press on ♪ [ applause ] >> that's the new single "press on" by building 429. i hope you'll get it. coming up, my closing thoughts.
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be reporting from california.
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all in the next factor. your life will be better if you see it. >> this past week, president obama held a steak dinner for the socialist president of france. that's the first french head of state to be so feted since 1976. dinner to honor president francois hollande, that's the guy whose proposal went over like fried fritters in a french cafe. president obama said he couldn't figure out why they didn't have a better relationship. i've been having a relationship with my land of the bible, but an amazing success story in people overcoming great obstacles to establish a free
12:59 am
and independent state where people can prosper and thrive. we've historically had a unique alliance with the israelis, in part because the democracies of our countries mirror each other. and in part because we have bilaterally fought for personal freedoms and human rights. under the current administration, the attitude has been to kick israel to the curb and try to exalt the palestinians to the peacemakers. we demand to the israelis they give up land and with it, their security. we ask of the palestinians nothing. not even a slight hint that it might help for them to stop putting material in their children's textbooks as to how good it is to kill jews. our bungling of syria made putin their protector and our passions towards egypt have cost us an ally and again given putin a new partner. if this were the olympics, putin has a gold medal and we'll be lucky to come out with a
1:00 am
commemorative t-shirt. from new york, this is mike huckabee. good night and god bless. stay tuned for out for you. good evening every, and welcome to "the kelly file" special on the presidential power grab. i'm megyn kelly. tonight, we investigate the growing concern over what critics are calling a lawless presidency with an executive branch ignoring the constitution and creating, editing or ignoring laws as the president sees fit. to be fair, mr. obama has not tried to hide what he is doing. >> we can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do its job. i told my administration to keep looking every single day


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